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Spirimal July art Challenge 2023

The Spirimal July Art Challenge 2023 offers a bear-y exciting and punny hiking adventure in the great outdoors.

We will go on an adventure in the whimsical world of bear-themed camping puns! To prevent burnout and give your creativity ample time to flourish, take a full week to complete each prompt. This challenge is sure to be a blast.

Check out my personal take on this challenge in the gallery below.

Join the Challenge:

  1. Draw an artwork by the prompt list. 
  2. Upload your artwork on instagram. You can add a picture of prompt list on one of slide(s) of the post. 
  3. Hashtag your post #spirimalchallenge
  4. Like, Share & Comment on artists’ work

July art Challenge 2023 Collection by SPIRIMAL

Thank you!

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