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Punny Artist Animals

Dino and Panda Punny Artist Animals Art Challence of July 2021

Challenge with Animal and artist puns

I’m an artist and love puns as much as animals so when I found this Challenge I had no doupt that I’ll participate. It was so much fun and I learned a lot about apperance of actual artists! I knew how their paintigs look but I didn’t usually knew how they look by themselves. So this Challenge was as much teaching as fun.

Every day in July 2021 Participants check the daily “Prompt” for inspiration.
Drawing their Artist Animal for the day!
Hashtag their post #DinoAndPandaPunnyArtists by DinoAndPanda

Punny Artist Animals Collection by SPIRIMAL

Artsy Punny Artists Animals

Punny Artists Animals Text Design and Doodle Design.

After Punny Artists Animals Challenge I combined all Artists which I made during the Challenge and created two Doodly Vector Illustration.

Punny Artists Animals Repeat pattern

Punny Artist Animals

Punny Artists Animals Repeat Pattern combines all Artists which were made during the Dino And Panda Punny Artists Challenge. 

After I finished the Challenge I made this doodly Repeat Pattern which came out pretty cute and colorful. As an Artist, I like it vary much!

Artsy Product Collection

Punny Artists Animals make pretty Artsy products! Being artsy is a matter of style!

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