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Meowgical March

Meowgical March

Meowgical March is basically Magical March but with cats.

About MagicalMarch

Magical March is an art challenge where artists draw a magical girl (or something related to this subject) every day for the month of March.

About Meowgical March

It’s the Drawing Challenge hosted by @everything_a_cat & @robotdancebattle in honour of Magical March 2022.

The original theme is magical girls but “Meowgical March” is more focused on cats. Prompt list of the Challenge uses the tag #meowgicalmarch ! Participants interpret the prompts however they like. There is no strict rule to draw cats.

Rules are simple. Firstly draw an artwork by the prompt list. Secondly add a picture of prompt list on the second slide. Thirdly and most importantly tag your entry so hosts could find relevant artworks. There are no limitations on media or drawing amount. Hosts share relevant posts in their stories.

I participated in this one because it’s so much fun and my daughter has birthday in march and she loves cats so I was designing these for her too. 

MeowgicalMarch Collection by SPIRIMAL

Meowgical Cats on Products

Here are some examples of awesome stuff with MeowgicalMarch Kittens I designed. Every one of them looks very cute on clothing!

Crazy Cat Lady Collection

Crazy Cat Lady Illustration and Repeat Pattern Design.

After I finished this March Challenge I designed Crazy Cat Lady Vector Illustration and Repeat Pattern Combining Cats which I made during the challenge. I made it in very girly style for my older Daughter. She loves cats and pink color, this one is perfect in her opinion and as you know – Kids don’t lie. These designs produce very adorable Products!

Meowgical March Cats Doodle

Meowgical March Cats Doodle Illustration and Repeat Pattern Design.

Once again I combined Cats which I made during the Meowgical March Challenge once again and designed another Vector Illustration and Repeat Pattern. These designs will certainly make pretty Products!

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Meowgical Art Print Lifestyle

Sweet Kittens Sticker sheet Lifestyle

Dreamy kittens Sticker sheet Lifestyle

Meowgical Mug 15oz Lifestyle

Meowgical Custom Baby bodysuit Blue

Meowgical Custom Toddler T-shirt Front

Meowgical Kids T-shirt Front

Meowgical Custom Unisex T-shirt Front

Meowgical Ladies T-shirt Lifestyle front

Meowgical Unisex Sweatshirt Right

Meowgical Unisex Hoodie front

Meowgical Unisex Bomber Jacket Left

Meowgical Yoga Leggings Front

Meowgical Fanny Pack Lifestyle

Meowgical Backpack Lifestyle right

Meowgical Tote Bag Hand

Meowgical Flip-flops Lifestyle

Meowgical Pink Towel Beach Model


Meowgical Swimsuit Model Front

Meowgical Bikini Set Lifestyle front

Meowgical Skater Dress Back

Meowgical T-shirt dress Right

Meowgical Midi Dress Right

Meowgical March Fabrics

Fabric Repeat Pattern Designs In Collaboration with Estonian Designer Fabrics brand Fragment Fabrics

I proposed three Examples but two were selected – pink and purple fabric designs. You can see photos below.

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