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Kaijune 2021


Kaijune is a Monstrously Fun Summer Art Challenge taking place on Instagram in June.

The challenge is for everyone.

Every day in June Participants check the daily “Prompt” for inspiration.
Drawing their Kaiju Monster for the day!
Hashtag their post #KaiJune& #KaiJune2021.
Like, Share & Comment on artists’ work insocial media!

​Kaijune 2021 Collection by SPIRIMAL

I’m so cute it’s scary

I’m so cute it’s scary Text Design and Repeat pattern.

After Kaijune 2021 Challenge I combined all Monsters which I made during the Kaijune Challenge and created “I’m so cute it’s scary” Vector Illustration and Repeat Pattern.

Monster Doodle

Monster Doodle vector Design combines all monsters which were made during the Kaijune 2021 Challenge. 

After Creating “I’m so cute it’s scary” Vector Illustration and Repeat Pattern I had an idea setting all the Monsters in Doodle Design and created Monster Doodle Design once again in Illustration and Repeat Pattern Design. To be honest, I like this one more.

Monsters Product Collection

I’m so cute it’s scary.

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Monsters Art Print

Monsters Sticker

Fierce Monsters Sticker Sheet

Beastly Monsters Stickers Sheet

Supernatural Monsters Sticker Sheet

Monsters Mug

Monsters Custom Baby Bodysuit

Monsters Custom Toddler T-shirt

Monster Kids T-shirt

Monsters Custom Unisex T-shirt

Monster Ladie’s T-shirt

Monsters Sweatshirt

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Monsters Backpack

Monsters Fanny Pack

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Monster Kids Swimsuit

Monsters Swimsuit

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Monsters Skater Dress

Monsters T-shirt Dress

Monsters Midi Dress With Pockets

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