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Foxway commissioned design

Foxway commissioned design was made for a sweatshirt of their team members. The goal was to bring some fun and character in corporate clothing through design.

Foxway is an ambitious team of experts focused on providing circular tech services to large organizations, the public sector and the recommerce industry. They recover and remarket tech, and provide the infrastructure necessary to give it a truly sustainable life-cycle.

Foxway was in search of a sweatshirt design for their team. Instead of corporate clothing with logo slapped on the garment, they wanted something extraordinary. Something that would reflect their unstoppable team. They had this idea of an excited fox driving a bunny towards new records. The idea really inspired me and I wanted to design it right away!

Foxway sweatshirt Design

Made in January 2023

Sketching process

Client described their idea as the fox and the rabbit are in a rally car and the rabbit asks “Are we there yet?” To which the fox replies: “No! There is always another record to break!”. Here you can see how I turned that idea into the very first sketch and it developed from messy lines into the graphite drawing. We also changed the direction of characters because otherwise the wheel would be on a wrong side of the car. It’s all about the details.

Digital artwork process

After we agreed on the sketch I started working in Affinity designer to turn our idea into actual digital artwork. I showed every step to our client so they knew what’s happening and could suggest changes right away.

The result

They wanted a back design too so instead of one illustration we pushed it further to two designs and the sweatshirt turned out even better!

I made the artworks, they sourced sweatshirts and printing partner by themselves. The results are stunning! The team was also very happy.

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