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Doggust 2022

Doggust is the august drawing challenge that draws the goodest doggos in all the land! 

About Doggust 2022

It’s the Drawing Challenge hosted by @dogsinaugust in August 2022.

The Challenge uses the tag #doggust and #doggust2022 !  It is a monthly challenge where the goal is to draw a dog everyday for the whole month of August! Participants can use the official prompt list or, alternatively, draw any dog their heart desires. They can even draw one dog 31 times. It’s allowed to use any medium! The main rule is to have fun!

Rules are simple. Firstly draw an artwork by the prompt list. Secondly add a picture of prompt list on the second slide. Thirdly and most importantly tag your entry so hosts could find relevant artworks. There are no limitations on media or drawing amount.

I participate in this one because it’s so much fun and my daughter loves dogs so I am designing these for her too. My personal approach is to illustrate dog-food puns. Who doesn’t love dogs, food and good laugh? Right.

Doggust 2022 Collection by SPIRIMAL

Doggust dogs on Products

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Noodle Poodle Unisex Sweatshirt Man

Frenchie Fries Unisx T-shirt Woman

Sushiba Inu Unisex T-shirt man

Chaihuahua Unisex T-shirt Woman

Pomegranian Unisex T-shirt woman

Pitabull Unisex T-shirt woman dog

Here are some examples of awesome stuff with Doggust2022 dogs I designed. Every one of them looks so rad!

Dog foodie Collection will appear after I finish the challenge

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Dog foodie Illustration and Repeat Pattern Design will be here soon.

After I finish this August Challenge I will design Doggust Vector Illustration and Repeat Pattern Combining Dogs which I will make during the challenge. I will make this in foodie style for my younger Daughter. She loves dogs and eating, this one will be perfect for her and as you know – Kids love dogs. These designs produce very adorable Products!

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Noodle Poodle Unisex Hoodie man 2

Frenchie Fries Unisex Organic Sweatshirt Woman sits

Chaihuahua Unisex T-shirt Man

Sushiba inu Unisex T-shirt woman sushi

Pomegraninan Unisex T-shirt Man

Pitabull Unisex T-shirt man

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